Roxy realizes that if she can create living dinosaurs if she tries really hard.

An immediate project to make a real Jurassic Park ensues.

Unsurprising Developent: That goes bad.

They still don’t want to get rid of Jurassic Park though so Jade compromises by shrinking it really, really little.

They shrink Jurassic Park into like a little fish-bowl sized glass terrarium and give it to Dave as a birthday present. He loves it like no other.



Terezi who’s well aware that she stopped growing at six sweeps and is 4’11 (150cm), but isn’t going to bring up her height if nobody else is: “Shortest person has to vacuum the meteor! That’s you Karkat!”

Karkat who accepted that he would always be the shortest when he was six sweeps old and doesn’t realize he’s 6’10 (208cm) and still growing: THATS NOT FAIR. YOU GUYS CANT SAY THAT EVERYTIME WE NEED TO GET SOMETHING DONE!

headcanon accepted

i dont know if ive actually written out my homestuck/animorphs crossover idea so basically:

generic hs crossover thing where the game ends and they end up in animorphs verse. and by “end up” they get dumped in the forest where the animorphs characters are demorphing. they see everything. obviously there’s a lot of freaking out from everyone, but eventually the hs characters agree to chill in the forest for three days (animorphs gang are pretty sure they aren’t controllers, but they’re not taking any chances). later on they move in with the chee. not sure after that

as in homestuck canon vriska is Not There, because she would ruin everything immediately. this means terezi is gone too but thems the breaks.

in animorphs canon, it’s set post-david, post tobias finding out elfangor is his dad, but before everyone moves to hork bajir valley. so the homestuck kids are not ever getting the power to morph in this fic.

most of why im interested in this is like, animorphs and homestuck both have a set of kids who go through hell. the homestuck kids have fought theirs, and they desperately want to rest and not fight again. getting shoved into a whole other thing is great angst material. and the animorphs kids, they are fighting a losing battle, basically the whole time. they do not have an end in sight. and with this they gain some potential allies, but also more shit to deal with (more people know their secret, they dont know if they can  trust them, all homestuck characters have terrible social skills)

but with the end goal being to basically: 1. get the homestuck characters who didnt get great endings the ending they deserved, and also have them interact with and adjust to regular society 2. make the animorphs ending somewhat happier because look. i know why it ended like that. i agree with that decision. but i want them to be happy.

also, its interesting that both homestuck and animorphs characters have incredibly op powers, but the situation in animorphs means that most of the hs characters’ abilities are pretty limited or useless

some character interaction ideas: karkat solving interpersonal problems by yelling. john continues to repress his emotions by immediately leaping into the new problem to solve. the consequences of that. someone Having A Conversation About Morality with the chee that should have happened in animorphs canon. maybe also more aftran involvement than canon? rachel, kanaya, and roxy fashion expedition. all homestuck characters are shocked and horrified by 1990s computers and internet.