okay i’m going to be honest before it was revealed to be a stapler i thought that kid actually really pulled a gun on pikachu






detective pikachu looks like a parody trailer that roosterteeth would have made in 2010

this movie is going to suck and I am going to love it

honestly this movie is going to be one of those movies that is TOO ahead of its time, and its gonna suck ass when it comes out

but in like 5 years we’ll appreciate it

honestly i feel like we’ve all been waiting our whole lives for this 

this movie is going to premeire and the world is going to end on the same day because we will have reached the pinnacle

that mr. mime is going to haunt all my nightmares until i’m in the ground 



I’d like the Lopunny line a lot more if Gamefreak ever played up the fact that Buneary is the one Pokemon that fucking hates your guts from day one

fun fact: buneary learns frustration by level up and is the only pokemon to do so, frustration is more powerful the less the pokemon like you, conversely lopunny is the only pokemon to learn return by level up and return does more the more the pokemon likes you, buneary levels up from friendship.

so the buneary line doesn’t just fucking hate you from the start, its whole dynamic is how it hates you less, while its best move gets worse, and then it evolves and suddenly it’s love for you is one of it’s most powerful assests, so in conclusion i love the buneary line