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Allow me to babble. In my novels the sylvids have wings, secondary, and they are absolutely massive because they have to be in order for them to fly. I did make it so they are lighter than humans, though, hollow bones and such, and they’re not so tall and commonly quite scrawny, so that affords me some liberties. They are born with featherless wings, spend their childhood with fluffy fuzzies on their backs, and when they hit puberty they go through a growth spurt and moult for the first time and are able to fly. They moult about twice a year, and are usually cranky as shit when that happens (it itches). 

(note that sylvids do not age in a linear fashion, meaning they all hit puberty at a different age)

Female sylvids always have white wings, blue eyes and blond hair, regardless of skin colour (and yes, obviously African and Asian are very much dark-skinned). Male sylvids come in a variety of shades of brown, tan and even ginger. Like chickens. Bwah. My male sylvid, Joy, is a brunet and has wings that are a light brown, accentuated with darker brown, like a sparrow.