When a female-identified person screams and fights or says to stop, you fucking stop. This is the kind of mentality that feeds rape culture, and if you say i’m overacting – no. just no. 

you don’t gaslight people (“get her mad, then kiss her”). you respect their boundaries (stopping when they tell you to stop). you don’t manipulate them or ignore their boundaries or pretend you know what they want (“she’ll scream and fight with you, but secretly, she loves it”). you don’t do stupid shit that could get both of you killed (“hold her hand when you drive”). you don’t treat her like a goddamn china doll that can’t do anything for herself (‘protect her). you don’t ignore someone’s feelings of anger or frustration by making it into a fucking romantic comedy or acting like their legitimate anger is ‘cute’ (“when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her”).

jesus christ, it’s shit like this that encourages men to ignore women’s boundaries and for women to think that sexual harassment is ‘romantic’. fucking hell. 


or at least make sure it’s okay, because some girls may like this stuff because we’re all different. just don’t hurt eachother and as bittergrapes stated, don’t do stupid shit that could get you killed