Kids.  Teenagers.  As someone staring 40 in the face lemme tell you a thing.

You are going to be horrified and embarrassed at some point by the shit you are doing now.

And you are going to wish with all your might you’d done more of it.  

You’re gonna wish you had more selfies, more photos, more videos being dumb with your friends.  You’re going to wish you’d had your hair even higher or your shoes even sparklier.  

Go.  Document the shit out of your ridiculous life.  Fuck trends but if you wanna be trendy, go all in.  Fuck in-groups and subcultures but if one sings to you, do it all.  Be exactly as cool or punk rock or goth or fandom or country or hardcore or hip hop or whatever, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Just don’t hurt people.  That’s the only thing you’ll ever genuinely live to regret.


Looking back at my 20ish years in fandom I regret none of the songfic I wrote, Mary Sues I had, so anti-sue edgelord it hurts OCs I made, or ‘cerulean orbs’ containing poetry I wrote. I do regret the times I was cruel. 

This is why we stress that you should be kind to your fellow fans. Not because we don’t believe that you truly and desperately feel that they’re Doing Fandom Wrong by having the wrong ship, the wrong fave, the wrong headcanon, but because it hurts knowing that in 10-20 years you’ll have the same regrets about being cruel. And if we can do anything to prevent some of those then we have to try.  

This, so much.

Even though the memories are cringey, I don’t regret being uncool. I do regret the times I was cruel.

those times literally keep me up at night

i love my old, over the top anime fanart and am embarrassed of–but wholeheartedly accept–my questionable fashion tastes, but these aren’t the moments my anxiety plays through my sleep deprived brain every time i try to fall asleep