some headcanons i came up with with @redpaiadin:

i promise i dont work for mcdonalds this just came to me/us in a vision, i was inspired by that try guys vlog

  • when they get back to earth the kids all go to mcdonalds but they’re just staring at the menu trying to decide what to get cuz its been so long since they’ve had earth food?? 
  • Lance is like I got you fam 
  • he walks up to the cashier and says  "yeah can i have four of everything"
  • Pidge is like “no lance” and Keith just bursts out laughing while Hunk is like “good idea!!!” And when they get back to the house Shiro is like what the fuck 
  • They each have a box of fucking food and it takes them all day to eat it. 

  • Allura is like “oh these things are delicious!! What are they” and Pidge explains that they’re fries. Allura goes back to mcdonalds and she’s like “hello human! Can I have 560 fries please”

  • hes confused as to what she means, like 560 fries.. or boxes of fries.. and shes like oh sorry. i meant packages 🙂
  • this poor man is so confused at this point but yknow what. he is getting paid minimum wage
  • keith really likes the happy meal toys and steals everyones
  • when lance finds out he likes them he goes back to mcdonalds, of course
  • the cashier is trying to hide from him at that point but lance just leans over the counter, oblivious, and yells ‘yeah hi! can i have 10 of your hippo happy meal toys my bf really likes them’
  • the cashier is like how the fuck am i supposed to figure out how much that costs ?? so lance just gives him $50 and says keep the change
  • ‘yknow.. maybe these crazy space teens aren’t so bad”
  • they come back a few days later and play in the play area they have there because they just want to be KIDS
  • when theyre in the ballpit someone who works there comes in and is like.. theyre a bit old dont you think
  • and shiro is like no its okay. im their dad
  • “but theyre teens and youre like, 25, sir”
    “they’re adopted fuck you”