this test just goes to prove that some of yall would literally argue with skaia herself if you were to play sburb and revive as a godtier other than the one you have speculated yourself to be based on years of ‘taken as fact’ fanon

honestly its such a weird fandom to  assume things as canon about because like, we know nothing about how anything works because sburb dont give a fuck, , it broke its own rules to give nepetas land a pun, if you try to play it with to few people it just says “fuck you heres an almost completley different game” what rules we do know are completley arbitrary, for all we know if two people with the same god tier try to play the game they will end up in a game pitteded agaisnt each other with a fucking dice themed conflict

same goes for trolls, earth c basiclly has no rules do to not being oppressive nad alternia is oppressive in bizarre ways, like ya clowns  are a ruling class and refrigerator is considered a fancy word if you assume there are any rules to anything in homestuck your wrong