hey i see a lot of ppl sharing that “correction” to the service dog psa so let me make it clear that different SDs are trained differently, tailored to the handler’s needs!

NOT all SDs are trained to stand by their handler and bark to signal for help, and for some handlers, if the SD did bark it would worsen their situation (autistic handlers, handlers with PTSD, handlers having a migraine, etc).

just be aware of a service dog calling attention to itself in any way, because even if you’ve wasted time by following it and its handler is fine and just lost control of it or something, you’ve still made sure that someone is safe.

don’t share that correction without some kind of comment like this on it, because its total dismissal of another dog’s training could endanger people.

ps the guy who wrote the “correction” has a mobility service dog which is trained VERY differently than a chronic illness or psychiatric service dog (what the OP of the original PSA has).

not only that but he made up parts of the story to discredit the OP (like claiming the dog ran down 2 blocks when they were inside a grocery store and he only walked a few aisles, and that the dog wasn’t on a leash when he was, or that he was pawing and jumping on people when he was actually appropriately signaling with his nose).

don’t share that shitty correction, it will endanger people.