the true plot twist of gravity falls is that stanley is the smart twin and ford is the biggest dumbass in 52 dimensions

Stan: I’ve run a very successful business for thirty years while rebuilding a portal with one third of the blueprints and no help from a demon.

Ford: It says not to summon him but he called me smart so he can’t be that evil


Imma start keeping a running list of every time the Gravity Falls commentaries mention what Disney S&P wouldn’t let them do

so far:

  • kids had to wear lifejackets every time they were so much as near a boat in Legend of the Gobblewonker. Dipper having a swordfight on an open rooftop in the next episode? perfectly fine, carry on
  • (personal note: the kids and Soos wear lifejackets all throughout that episode, but Stan never does. apparently, no one cares if Stan drowns)
  • Leaderaur’s blood had to be green because we can’t have red blood in a kids’ show. we can totally have him reach into his own chest and pull out a bone spear, though.
  • apparently the ‘pain hole’ made them super nervous but they couldn’t actually quite articulate a problem with it well enough to get it pulled
  • ‘chipackers’ came about entirely because they weren’t allowed to show the kids and Stan playing poker with real chips, so Alex told the artists to make it crackers instead and then apparently that evolved into crackers that were also chips
  • not allowed to label a building in the pinball machine as a saloon, because apparently Disney S&P really believed their target audience for this show would know what a saloon was. (they were also totally fine with having an actual bar in the show?? was it the implication that there might be prostitutes in a saloon or…?)
  • however, they did also nix McGucket’s original name, which was ‘Crazy Larry’, so…even a broken clock, I guess. 

‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch Signs Netflix Deal

‘Gravity Falls’ Creator Alex Hirsch Signs Netflix Deal



White Diamond calling steven “starlight” and Bill Cipher calling mabel “shooting star” has the same vibe

I can confirm that bill can rock white diamond’s eyes